“Your professionalism, combined with your in-depth knowledge of the city (all aspects) and the little personal touches, were fantastic. We all appreciated the fact sheets you made for us as well."
Barbara Pendrill
Scarsdeale, NY

“Thanks so much for a great tour of San Diego. Had a lovely time, and everyone raved about how much we found out about the town."
Blaine DeSantis
Greenville, SC

“I heard only rave reviews about the experience my parents and family had with you on the tours you provided. They commented on how knowledgeable and caring you were. Thank you so much for working with me on such short notice and helping them enjoy their visit in a way they hadn't anticipated."
Deborah Brenner
San Diego, CA

"The Beach Culture Tour was great and very informative. I had a lot of fun, and I really felt like I learned a lot about San Diego."
Drew Tennant
Louisville, KY

"I felt that Jeannette changed my way of looking at things, opening my curiosity. With her, you start not a simple touristic tour, but a real trip into San Diego. It is as if you would be part of a movie which would tell you all the stories about the area."
Olivia Phelip
Paris, France

"Our private tour gave us a great first-day orientation to the area -- everything from La Jolla to Gaslamp. Your guidance, along with the frequent stops and interesting walking tours kept things moving, and the great San Diego weather made for a perfect start to our trip!"
Vince Cannata
New Orleans, LA

"The photographic treasure hunt turned out to be much more than I expected. I loved the way it put everything in perspective, yet it didn't feel like a 'history tour.' I was spell-bound."
Maureen Treacy
Melbourne, Australia

"It was a wonderful tour with one who understands the best sites for tourists in San Diego. All kinds of information -- be it about birds, bees, flowers, trees, people, and places -- were at our guide's fingertips. I would love to come back for another serving of the same treat!"
Janet Kajirwa
Nairobi, Kenya

"I found out more about the San Diego beach scene in four hours than I'd learned in 30 years of living here. It was a blast."
Rose Shadek
La Jolla, CA

"This was so much fun! I took some fabulous photos, particularly inside the Botanical Building in Balboa Park. But I also came away with a much better understanding of what San Diego is all about."
Megan Moynihan
New York, NY

"I was born and raised in San Diego, but I learned so many things I never knew before. By the end of our tour, I had a much deeper appreciation for the history, culture, and botanical wonders of San Diego."
Kathy Louv
San Diego, CA

"Being from the Midwest, we really wanted to get a taste of that famous California beach culture. Our tour gave us that and so much more. It was wonderful."
Duane Yetter
Palatine, IL

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